About Custom Coating Technologies, Inc.

Custom Coating Technologies, Inc. is a company focused on the painting of flat substrates for the automotive, appliance, general and building construction, energy, aerospace, and military markets, with innovative niche solvent and waterborne coating systems.

Paint application equipment on our line includes


  • A sanding head for metal preparation and optimal cleaning prior to painting: when required.
  • Four stage sheet washer for cleaning the substrate prior to painting, or for the pretreating of metal substrates.
  • A direct roll coater for application of metal pretreatments when required.
  • A direct and reverse roll coater for the precise application of primers and topcoats requiring low dry film builds and smooth coating films for high performance coating systems.
  • A curtain coater for the application of high dry film build coating materials in one coating application pass.
  • A spray machine equipped with up to eight HVLP spray guns capable of applying primers and topcoats. Ideal for applying metallic or mica containing coating systems for optimal coating appearance.
  • A gas-fired conventional oven capable of reaching 625° F for the curing or drying of coatings.


Coating systems we have experience with include acrylic, polyester, urethane, epoxy, fluorocarbon and plastisol technologies. We specialize in the application of custom color and effect paint systems to meet the desired design criteria of any project.

With our coating line, we have the unique capability of custom coating the exact amount of a substrate needed for a project resulting in very little waste of coated substrate and paint. We can also coat substrates that are of different shapes and sizes that may have holes or design cut outs in them for the desired visual effect. The line is flexible and can coat substrates from 12.0" X 12.0" up to 48.0" X 120.0". Substrates that can be coated on our line using our unique coating equipment include hot/cold rolled steel, hot dip galvanized steel, Galvalume, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, wood and plastic. A complete coating laboratory is on site capable of evaluating wet coating systems and dry film properties.

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Along with the above services provided by Custom Coating Technologies, the following products are currently available for sale:

Industrial Steel Mirror Products